In the continuation of the increases in the shares that climbed above the level of 3178, the buying potential may increase within the framework of 3249 and 3330 resistance levels. Especially the 3249 resistance level is an important transition point for the trend to continue its direction upwards. If the stock price is moved below the level of 3178, the declines may accelerate within the framework of the 3091 and 3025 support levels.



In the technical outlook, it is seen that the withdrawal movement that occurred up to the 2018 level turned its direction upwards with the slight recovery movement it experienced from this level. Decreases may be limited, especially due to the preservation of the outlook above the 2116 level in stocks. In the upward momentum of the stock, it should be successful in closing above the 2217 resistance. In this context, increases in stocks can be expected to accelerate within the framework of 2320 and 2420 resistance levels. However, it is worth considering the support levels of 2116 and 2018 in a possible close below the 2217 level.



It is seen that the withdrawal potential formed in the technical outlook of the stock increased its attacks towards the level of 679.55. Especially, depending on the formation of a below this level outlook in stocks, decreases can be expected to accelerate around the support levels 621.48 and 561.91. However, with the outlook above the 679.55 level in the stock, we follow the rises within the frame of resistance levels 742.09 and 807.61.



When we look technically, it is seen that the upward momentum, which has been maintained for a while, continues to hold around 36.27. Depending on the preservation of mobility above this level in the stock, it can be expected that the increases will accelerate around the resistance levels 37.38 and 38.60. In this way, attacks towards 39.80 level can be supported as an important breaking move in stocks. However, in a possible downward pressure, we follow the support of 36,27 as a priority. Below this level, the support levels of 34.88 and 33.54 continue to be up to date.